Friday, February 27, 2009

Forest Gardening with Robert Hart

Robert Hart was a pioneer in the growing movement of veganic agriculture. This short video clip of Robert explain the basic principles of his 'forest gardening' method, which has inspired a whole movement of truly sustainable stock-free/plant-based growing on small-scale organic holdings. See the page on this blog dedicated to Food Forest Gardening for other examples!

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What is veganic agriculture?

Also called stock-free farming, vegan-organics is a system which avoids all artificial chemical products (synthetic fertiliser, pesticides, growth regulators), genetically modified organisms, animal manures and slaughterhouse by-products (blood, fish meal, bone meal, etc).

DIVA employs the word 'veganiculture' to reflect the integration of vegan-organics, permaculture techniques free of domestic animals, and the cross-cultural adoption of veganism as a dietary and lifestyle choice where possible around the world.